Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birth Control

Okay. So, according to the Catholic Church, birth control is wrong. This is different from even saying that abortion is wrong: ending a pregnancy after conception. This is ending pregnancy before conception. Hold on. Ending possible pregnancy before possible conception.

So taking a pill that prevents a woman from ovulating or wearing a condom simply to prevent that possible pregnancy is wrong is their eyes. I guess to them if you're having sex not for procreation then you shouldn't be at it at all. But I think there's a deeper implication here than the problem of preventing pregnancy in the first place. It's not too far a stretch to say that not trying to conceive at every opportunity is sinful.

It's almost like saying, "If you don't have sex while the woman is ovulating then that's a sin". Which is very close to saying, "if you don't have sex every chance you can, then you're sinning." So who then would be the greatest sinners of all?

Why the priests and the nuns, who never have sex. Well, at least not in any manner that leads to pregnancy.