Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nothing More Important

While I don't really want to get directly political here, I just have to mention this.

I was trying to sleep last night with the TV on when I heard this idiotic commercial for a congressjerk. He goes on about how dangerous terrorists are, how we should be afraid of them, how we _almost_ just got blown up by liquids (while holding a bottle of Gatorade no less), and as a punchline says this: "There's nothing more important than our security."

I rolled over and let out a storm of profanity and rage at this. I'm more concerned with freedom than security, and as usual we have someone taking advantage of a situation to promote an agenda, not to mention spread more fear than the actual terrorists. Well, I'm pissed. Oh, and to make matters worse, this guy's the democrat in the race. I guess that's what you get living in a red state.

Link to the A/V page for "He who will not be named"


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