Thursday, March 08, 2007


Speaking of college in that last post, a professor of mine was very quotable:

On Software Testing
  • Pretend you're stupid. [ed. note: the implication here was that we wouldn't have to try very hard]
  • Error: Stuff may be happening.
  • Users are exponentially stupid, but programmers are only linearly smart.
  • Ha ha, I found your error, you dope.
  • I need an editor when I talk.
  • I hate talking to people.
  • Honesty is usually the best policy.
  • They'll write all kinds of code for you; it just happens to be a bunch of crap.
  • VB [Visual Basic] is for wimps.
  • I'm making a mockery of you. You should be offended.
  • Nobody uses interpreted languages unless they're trying to get away with something.
  • If you can go through life without making any decisions, then that's a good thing.
  • Education is the only service profession where people complain about getting more for their money.
How Computers really Work
  • These bits are traveling across these magic wires.

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Josh said...

I'll make it a point to scour my old notebooks for my own collection.