Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here is your Sign Good Sir

I never did understand the purpose of signs during an election. Commercials sure. But what the hell is the point of a sign? Maybe it's a good way in local elections for the candidates to get their names out, but who doesn't know who's running for the presidency?

"Oh hey guys! There's a sign for McCain! Let's vote for that guy!"

"Yeah that's a kickass sign! Let's do what it says."

I guess the smaller signs put up in individual yards can give some indication of the local voter climate and may sway the vote of the easily influenced.

Also pissing me off this election season:

"Oh I like Palin. I like the way she talks!"

Oh fuck YES! Let's vote for someone because of the way she talks. Nevermind that she's an idiot with no pertinent experience. I actually heard someone say they liked her for that reason. This same person suggested that Obama was the antichrist. To this I responded that we should definitely then vote for Obama. This was met with some exasperation. To suggest that we vote for Obama is one thing, but to do so in the face of his claim to the title of antichrist was disturbing apparently.

I suggested then that if the prophecies of the bible were to come to pass, the antichrist would have to come to power and thus our vote could speed his arrival and thus the rapture. This was met with a certain amount of consternation and then guilt over not quite being dedicated enough to help god out with the whole end of days thing. I could have pressed my point, but I left it there for him and his colleague to stew in. I think some sort of squirmy justification for their views was offered, but I think it sounded as hollow to them as it did to me.

So 538 is projecting a 98.9% likelihood of an Obama victory. I usually feel safer with good bets than sure things though.


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Woe to America, for now it is an Obamanation unto the LORD.