Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Date Fraud

Apparently, date fraud is a big problem for all those folks in Internet-ville. The following is a totally real, definitely not-made-up scene illustrating the problems facing those who have been victims of date fraud:

sExYgAl221> hi there
h0td00d> hello
sExYgAl221> so ru a h0td00d?
h0td00d> of cours
h0td00d> and ru a sexygal?
sExYgAl221> oh, yea. I am defnitly a sexy gal
h0td00d> that's good, because I'm totally a man
h0td00d> a hot man
sExYgAl221> awsom
h0td00d> totaly
sExYgAl221> so, asl?
sExYgAl221> well, al?
h0td00d> 26, realtown. u?
sExYgAl221> 28, Notmadeupville
h0td00d> cool, babe
sExYgAl221> wanna hang out sumtime?
h0td00d> sur thng babe
sExYgAl221> kewl, when?


Later that evening in front of a mall, a young lady stands by a corner, apparently waiting for someone. She continually looks around while pacing somewhat in a circle. Shortly, a young man strolls up looking around curiously. They say nothing to each other. After some time, both of them obviously aggravated, they look at each other as realization finally dawns.

"Hot dude?" says the young man.

"Sexy Gal?" says the young lady.

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